:: gpuss is now divided into three sections: the proofreading course, the word refinery and the forum ::

Proofreading Course

The Gpuss proofreading course was created in 2003 and goes from strength to strength thanks to its ongoing modernisation, often inspired by those who have studied using it.

The course covers the typographical side of proofreading in as much detail as it does grammar and punctuation. It's designed to get proofreaders up to speed on the actual process of proofreading – this is not a renamed English course!

proofreading course

Members regularly leave comments after they have completed the course, and if you're in any doubt about whether you should enrol, have a scroll through them and be reassured.

The Word Refinery

The gpuss word refinery is where the day-to-day business of copywriting, copy editing, ghostwriting and proofreading takes place.

gpuss word refinery

At gpuss.co.uk, you'll see what we get up to when we're not dealing with the course – and you'll see why we call ourselves the word refinery. We take raw (and often crude) words and ideas and turn them into productive paragraphs and phrases.

There's also a section on English usage which is being added to as new bugbears and conflicts present themselves. Should you use their or his and her? What are the correct ways to present possessive plurals? It's all here.

The Forum

Weeb-designed visuals provide a productive ambience to this forum. Although originally conceived as a proofreading forum, topics under discussion include freelancing, new words and usages and the types of thing that get up word-workers' noses. There's also a new book review forum and an off-topic section where any topic is up for discussion.

proofreaders' forum

The forum is free to join and you don't have to be a member of the proofreading course to join in with the discussions. Grammourpuss supremo Charlie (yes, it's a he) is a regular contributor, and questions about the course or working with words are more than welcome.

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